BBorn North of the border, among the hills and castels and lochs that stretch for miles I was brought South with my parents when I was very young. Since then the urge to get out and see new things has been a strong one. As a kid it was science that was the my big exploratory outlet.

Now the passion for science still burns strong and the ability of people to push the boundaries and frontiers fascinates me in so many ways. I discovered the variety and the complexity in the greater world though and, as a result, travel and exploration of my own are keen interests of mine.

It’s a hard task interest really. There are no limits to it, no points at which you can think you’ve finished and the more you travel and the more you see, the more you find that you want to experience personally.

It’s also what’s led me to things such as diving. It’s expanding the horizons available to me and making what is another world available for my viewing. If space travel was a viable option for me to be on, I’d be doing that too.

So to new worlds, new experiences and new cultures. May the world change and the horizon’s broaden for it’ll all just make things a bit more interesting.


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