In Memory Of A Taylor

It’s been a busy time of late, of ups and downs. I’ve seen some great events, but what I hope to be the last of this years final tragedies has come in the form of the passing of my grandfather. He was a special man and one that in foresight I think I should have learnt more from. I certainly respected him in his way, but there is much that I think I can learn from him that I have yet to either realise or know.

I’m not normally one for writing about other people specifically or about personal matters online but I feel that in remembrance of him something is deserved. It took me a little time to consider what I would write about. His sailing was certainly a major part of his life, as was his work on the early days of the transatlantic cable and his position in the community. He helped others in so many ways and was a respected member of the greater community of Oban.

I’d like to write something about him but I think it’s going to take some time and care to do it justice so I’m afraid for now at least it will have to wait. For now though I’m just going to post this picture from West Highland Yachting Week 2005 when he was still sailing and winning



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