Holy shit on a stick. This has to be the most insane summer I think I’ve had since becoming primarily based in one country again. It’s absolutely manic and hence my lack of writing for ages on here. I don’t think I’ve had a free weekend since early June and don’t expect to have one until well into October now.

As well as my absolutely manic summer there a few changes I have fairly certainly decided upon for this blog. Basically it boils down to the realisation that I don’t think that I have enough that I can write about on travel to sustain this as a travel only blog, so I’m broadening the subject quota to include other things that take my interest as well. Travel will still feature highly amongst the things I’m writing about, it will just be joined by Science, SF and general rants about the Realpolitik world we live in. In effect the blog is becoming a much broader outlet for writings on my interests as a whole.


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